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Get Addicted To Blogging

I found I had addicted to blogging since started to blog few days ago. I don’t know if that is normal for other blogger as well?( But I also found many of my friends keep updates their fb status, haha! ”)

I have no mood to go out for shopping or meeting friends on weekends. I would rather stay at home to blog. If i am forced to go out then I would still write blog when possible using my smart phone.
I can’t help but keep thinking about blogging. I read other’s blog especially those give tips on blogging. As I said in first paragraph, yes! I just started to blog for couple days. I guess I am just too excited to start a new hobby. I wish my passion would last for long.Thanks for your reading.
P/S: As I found too hard to handle two blogs at the same time especially one uses Blogger and another one uses Wordpress. So I decided to use just Blogger (1 account) to create 2 blogs in different languages. Thus I moved my articles here.

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