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Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo?

I am going to give birth soon. My mom told me I couldn't shampoo my hair after delivery for at least 12 days. (What?! I used to shampoo my hair daily or my hair will be oily. I definitely can't stand for it for 12 days, oh no! :(

So, I got to find an alternative way to overcome this. Some of my friends suggested me to buy a dry shampoo. Also some suggested me to DIY homemade Dry Shampoo.

First, I bought a dry shampoo from Online  Store. It costs me MYR35.00. It's work! My hair become fresh and smell like fruits! 

Then, I also tried with Johnson Baby Powder (Pure Corn Starch) and found it gives the same effect as the dry shampoo. It absorbs the oil from your hair and it's smell like baby powder. ( Of course, I mean if you don't mind then will be okay.) 

Since I also use baby powder on my body and sometimes even on face, so make no different for me. My hubby didn't even realise that I actually put baby powder on my hair.   

After compare commecial dry shampoo and the Johnson Pure Corn Starch Baby Powder, I choose to use baby powder with the reasons as below.
First and the best things of using baby powder is I don't have to worry about harmful chemical. As I choose to use pure corn starch baby powder instead of the tarc ingredient. (As alternative, you may go for normal real corn starch as well.)

The second reason is easy to use. As commercial Dry shampoo often come with hair spray type. You may have the risk to accidentally spray into your eyes or face.   

In the other hand, baby powder is easy to use. You just pour some into your hair or comb and comb until the powder is invisible. 

Although there are some tips on website that ask you to pour the dry shampoo/powder into the roots of your hair. BUT MY ADVISE IS DON'T RUB IT INTO YOUR SCALP. Dry shampoo or baby powder will accumulate on your scalp and make it itch.   

The last advantages of using baby powder as dry shampoo is much more cheaper and easy to carry with you. You can get one for MYR2.30 (small pack) and take it with you in case you need it.   Haha, now I am prepared to deliver. :)

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