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Take Maternity Leave Earlier Than EDD?

I had decided to quit job and started my maternity leave 14 days before my EDD. Firstly I don't want to take any unwarranted risk of going to labour at work where I'll spend close to 1 n half hrs to get home or even longer  to the hospital.

Also, I am tired to travel to work for far distance and long hours. It also make me spent about 12 hours daily on work and couldn't rest well enough. I seldom fall sick but always during my pregnancy period. I guess may be I am too tired.

Furthermore, I have 90 days of maternity leave which consideres quite a lot compare to most company that only has 60 days. I also have annual leave as backup.

In conclusion, I wish I had done the correct decision which best for me and baby. But I think if you work near to your home or hospital than may be you could work until the day your baby is born. 

Anyone did that or plan to? Share with me if you have any comments !")
P/s:♡Waiting for u, my first baby!")

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